Meet the nature, forest and the Swedish countryside on Eriksgården

About us

About us

As a child I always had a great deal of interest in animals and as an adult I have also taken a genuine interest in the forest. I grew up on a farm where we had dairy cows, some pigs, horses and hunting dogs. I am a trained economist and have worked as an administrator/bookkeeper. Since 2004 I have received training in the fields of sustainable family forestry, logistics and as an outdoor adventure guide. In March 2009, I received my truck license and do some work in this capacity on occasion.
In May 2009, I became a certified outdoor adventure guide. (University of Kalmar).

Since April 2006, I have lived at Eriksgården (previously called Karl-Eriksgården, 1860-1900), which is located in the town of Fjälster, in Tuna parish. Besides myself, I live here with some Belgian horses, two cats, rabbits, Muscovy duck, lambs and about 10 hens. In the summer, there are more horses here grazing, as well as cattle. I use my Belgian horses to haul timber and firewood that I cut myself in the woods. I also do jobs hauling raw materials from the forest. I haul brush, manure and fence materials by horse. I try to work with a horse on all heavier jobs to help make my efforts easier.

I want to pass on how the horse was used in the past and how modernization has occurred. All animals, including people, want to feel needed and be kept busy.

My services are aimed at both local residents and tourists.

Horses on the farm Eriksgården:
Tiffany, born 2006. Swedish Ardenner horse  E: Dominant, U: Tanita UE: Jim
Pompe, born 1998. Swedish Ardenner horse  E: Carton, U: Manda UE: Amandus
Pralinen, born 2012. Swedish Ardenner horse E: Parell, U: Tiffany UE: Dominant 

Tilja, born 2017. Swedish Ardenner horse. E: Terbonid, U: Tiffany UE: Dominant
Movitz, born 2008. Swedish pony. E: Miklas U: Welinda

Helge Lo, born 2005. Swedish pony. E: Skärmnäs Pigall UE: Julle 

Stjärna, born 2016. Swedish Ardenner horse E:  Munterson UE: Rom

Rasmus, born 2009. Swedish Ardenner horse E: Barry UE: Rosal